If you are referring to the impact of using one of our products that can fight the damaging effects of ethanol, then you probably won’t see a distinguishable difference because in your instance the fuel doesn’t sit long enough to allow phase separation to begin. However, if you are referring to the difference in performance tied to carbon deposit build up, then there are two ways to look at this: 1. all gasolines are going to leave behind deposits including top tier. If you haven’t used a high quality fuel additive before and then use one, you will most likely see a difference in increased MPG and acceleration, reduced hesitation, surging and knocking/pinging. A complete fuel system cleaner with a potent detergent such as polyetheamine (P.E.A.) is going to do a better job of cleaning than a lower level of detergent typically found in a fuel injector cleaner. The lower the level the less you will be able to tell a difference. 2. By using a high quality fuel system cleaner as part of your regular maintenance you keep build up from happening in the first place which would keep your performance from dropping off. You could still see an improvement in gas mileage by using one of our products that has a friction modifier in it. All in One complete fuel system cleaner has the highest level of friction modifier in it, followed by high mileage Regane and then our Multi-System Tune-Up. By reducing friction the pistons move more freely which equates to the engine running more efficiently. Think of it like jogging in mud vs on a hard surface – you have to work harder to get through the mud, which tires you out more than running on a hard surface.